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by qyouare

is a small thingy that lets you easily create QR Codes.

When scanned, each qYOUARE links to a page much like this one, where you can share some information and even have a discussion with whoever scanned the code.

qYOUAREs can be printed on stickers, t-shirts, mugs and can even be sprayed on walls. You can place them anywhere thinkable in the physical world - providing a cool and geeky bridge back to the online world.

Creating this website was a learning experience for me, as I have never coded anything larger than a page or two for the Web. Since I always find it easier to develop after going over some sample code, I figured the best way to share my experience would be to make the entire source code behind this web site available for download.

In order to create a new qYOUARE, browse to[your desired code] (I know, the GUI sucks...)

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reuben says:
took your code from a tree in ramat hasharon - and found your site
dash from Samsung Telecom Research Israel ;-)
posted more than a month day ago
nivs says:
how cool! you've just made my day! :)
free decoders for mobile phones: QuickMark (Symbian/Windows) | ZXing (JavaME/Android)
posted more than a month day ago
Oren says:
Works perfectly with my Nokia N95 camera. I scaned it directly from my LCD monitor, when the browser was pointing on Shayba's picture holding a paper with barcode (on facebook).
Cool man :)
posted more than a month day ago

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